MeituPic / Meitu App, Beautifying Retouch Editing App and Privacy Concern

Meitu, free one touch photoshop editing app with instant beautifying effects and putting finishing touches on your photos. Meitu app originally launched in 2008, with $4.5 billion initial public offering (IPO) on Hong Kong stock exchange in December 2016, around 450 million users across Asia upload and edit some 6 billion photos every month, adding different-colored backgrounds, augmented reality frames, “hyper-cute” stickers, filters, blemish-banishing brush tools and beauty retouch feature to take away sun spots or age lines and enlarge your eyes. You can share digital makeover on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or your social media channel of choice.

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The latest update to Meitu app introduced a new feature called hand-drawn selfies allow you to superimpose face onto Angelic, Blossoms, Fairytale, Petals, Mermaid or Baroness variation.

Meitu app also supports three languages: English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

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Some users appear to be using beauty retouch features jokingly, “beautifying” their faces in extreme and sometimes shocking ways and sharing the results.

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Meitu app is available free for both Android and Apple users, compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices running iOS 8 or later and any Android device running version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and up.

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Security experts pointed out that Meitu requires way more data from users’ phones and contains some allegedly sketchy code. As information security researcher Greg Linares notes, Meitu app for Android can access information about what other apps users are running, GPS locations, unique device identifier numbers (IMSIs), call information, carrier information and wifi connections.

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According to forensic expert Jonathan Zdziarski. Meitu for iOS also retrieve information such as cell carrier, jailbreak status and personal identifiers that could be used to track you and your device across the web. Some of Meitu’s code may violate App Store policies on data collection. Apple did not respond to a request for comment about Meitu.

Meitu is reportedly exporting collected user data to multiple remote server’s external IPs. However, Meitu Inc. says it can also give away collected information to comply with the law including new Chinese law that requires app makers to uniquely identify their users and stop them from uploading banned content.

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