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Media and Marketing News Headlines Update on August 21, 2020

Apple/Google vs Fortnite. Quick catch up here to level set: Fortnite introduced its own purchasing system within the game, circumventing Apple’s and Google’s 30% tax on revenues on their respective app stores, leading to Fornite’s expulsion from those ecosystems. Shots fired; anti-trust lawsuits filed. This is important for news publishers who’ve been forced to offer very limited subscription products because of these app store rules. If things change, we could see more monetization options for publishers.

AWS Interactive Video Service (IVS) Adds Private Video Streams. The feature allows channels to be locked so that only clients with valid authorization tokens can access the live stream. Read more on Amazon Interactive Video Service adds support for playback authorization

If you could only read one article on this whole Fortnite fiasco, and why it matters, read Ben Thompson (of course). “Epic is attacking every level of the iPhone stack: the company doesn’t just want a direct relationship with customers, and it doesn’t just want to use its own payment processor; it is also demanding the right to run its own App Store.

The drip-drip layoffs at Singapore Press Holdings continue. I can’t imagine how devastating it must be for morale. This time, 140 staff are out (5% of headcount) from the magazine and advertising teams.

Quartz says it now has 21,000 paying members around the world. According to the earnings report at its Uzabase parent company, that translates to a monthly recurring revenue of $146K, suggesting there’s still a long way to go as the company pivots away from advertising toward subscriptions. H1 ad revenue plunged in half year-on-year to $5 million — Covid, of course.

NowThis launched a weekly series for kids. It’s hosted by a 13-year-old activist.

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