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Media and Video News Headline Updated on 31 Jan 2020

The headline on 31 Jan 2020

Google launched Dataset Search. It’s a wonderful rabbit hole where you can find 25 million datasets to lose yourself in. Source: Google > Discovering millions of datasets on the web

Google launched Tangi, a short-video platform focused on how-to videos. “We only focus on DIY and creativity content… Our platform’s goal is to help people learn to craft, cook and create with quick one-minute videos.” Source: TechCrunch > Google’s Area 120 launches Tangi, a short-form video app focused on creativity and DIY

Filmic launched DoubleTake, which allows you to use all three cameras on your iPhone 11 at the same time for video recordings. Imagine being able to use the front- and rear-facing cameras simultaneously to record a 2-person interview. Source: TechCrunch > Filmic’s DoubleTake app brings simultaneous camera shooting to the iPhone 11

The BBC is cutting 450 jobs from its news operations. It’ll also be covering fewer stories to save about $1.8 million. It’s restructuring the org so that people are working in centralized teams, rather than specific programs. In an interesting admission, the company said it’s been producing too many stories that were “overwhelming” the public, while many stories weren’t reaching their intended audiences. Source: The Guardian > BBC announces 450 jobs will go in newsroom shake-up

Frontier Myanmar launched their membership program. This is an important effort to support independent journalism in Myanmar. It’s also a big test of the market’s appetite for a membership product like this. Sign up and support their journalism.

Facebook is reportedly cutting back on originals for Watch. It’s also holding off from bidding for rights to stream live sporting events. It’s not pulling back on formats like talk shows and buying clips from TV networks; it’s actually spending more — around $1.4 billion this year. Source: The Information > Facebook Cuts Back on Original Programming for Watch Video

Facebook will launch its oversight board this summer. This independent body is meant to handle some of the toughest moderation/censorship decisions, and will function as its own corporate entity. Board members to this “supreme court” will be announced in coming months. Source: The Verge > Facebook expects to launch oversight board this summer

Google stepped back from a controversial desktop search redesign that people hated. It took away color overlays from its search results, added favicons, and confused the hell out of everyone who could no longer distinguish paid from organic search results. Source: The Verge > Google is backtracking on its controversial desktop search results redesign

You’re going to see a lot more about the death of cookies and third-party data. A chance for publishers to be relevant to advertisers once more. “Rather than mourning the demise of the third-party cookie, publishers should instead be looking at how the industry can re-architect ad technologies to make first-party data the new currency and to rebuild the digital industry.” You have two years to do it. Source: WNIP > The death of the cookie signals a new golden age for publishers

The Guardian says it will no longer take ads from oil and gas companies. It’s the first global news org to impose an outright ban as it takes a stand on the climate crisis. “Our decision is based on the decades-long efforts by many in that industry to prevent meaningful climate action by governments around the world.” Source: The Guardian > Guardian to ban advertising from fossil fuel firms

Even Buffett has lost faith in newspapers. Berkshire Hathaway is selling its entire newspaper assets to Lee Enterprises for $140 million. So much for this being a long-term play. Source: NiemanLab > Turns out Warren Buffett won’t be the billionaire who saves newspapers either

George Cheeks is officially taking over as CEO of CBS on March 23. Source: ViacomCBS To Transition Leadership of CBS to George Cheeks from Joe Ianniello

Amazon said Prime members watched double the hours of original movies and TV shows on Prime Video this quarter compared to last year. Source: Announces Fourth Quarter Sales up 21% to $87.4 Billion

The headline on 30 Jan 2020

Comcast Technology Solutions launched a new technology solution tailored specifically to the requirements and priorities of political advertising clients. Source: Comcast > COMCAST TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS LAUNCHES NEW TECHNOLOGY FOR POLITICAL ADVERTISERS

The headline on 29 Jan 2020

Netflix is reportedly laying off at least 15 people as it shifts its marketing strategy. Source: Hollywood Reporter > Netflix to Lay Off Employees as It Shifts Marketing Strategy (Exclusive)

A new Roku OS software update will enable surround sound expansion in its Roku Smart Soundbars. Source: Roku Adds Surround Sound Expandability to Roku Smart Soundbars; Walmart and Roku Introduce onn.™ ∙ Roku Wireless Surround Speakers

The headline on 28 Jan 2020

ABI Research said the OTT video market will surpass $200 billion by 2024, with 90% of that value fueled by subscription and advertising revenue. Source: Subscription Services and Advertising to Push OTT Video Revenue Over US$200 Billion by 2024

Virtual MVPD Vidgo now has an app for Apple TV. Source: Cord Cutters News > Vidgo is Now Available on Apple TV

The headline on 27 Jan 2020

Comcast plans to open six new Xfinity stores in the Twin Cities by the end of 2020. Source: Comcast Announces Plans to Open Six New Xfinity Stores in the Twin Cities

VideoAmp appointed Andrew Gaudin as chief legal and privacy officer. Source: VideoAmp Appoints Andrew Gaudin as Chief Privacy and Legal Officer

The headline on 24 Jan 2020

MediaMath said Milena Alberti-Perez has joined the company as chief financial officer. Source: MediaMath Bolsters Leadership with Appointment of CFO, Milena Alberti-Perez

Amazon has green-lit four new local original series from Argentina, Chile and Colombia. Source: Amazon Prime Video Expands Local Original Content to Argentina, Chile and Colombia with Four New Amazon Original Series Iosi, El Espía Arrepentido, La Jauría, Colonia Dignidad and Noticia de un Secuestro

Subscription-based sports media startup The Athletic has reportedly raised $50 million in a Series D funding round. The company is now valued at half a billion. Source: AXIOS > Exclusive: The Athletic raises $50 million

The headline on 23 Jan 2020

Carol Hinnant, a 15-year Comscore executive, has been promoted to Chief Revenue Officer. Source: Comscore Executive Carol Hinnant Promoted to Chief Revenue Officer

DirecTV is racing to move its Spaceway-1 satellite out of the geostationary arc after the 15-year-old satellite suffered a crippling battery malfunction that the company fears could cause it to explode. Source: Space News > DirecTV fears explosion risk from satellite with damaged battery

The headline on 22 Jan 2020

Tubi announced it will expand its service into Mexico later this year in collaboration with TV Azteca. TV Azteca will offer advertising sales for Tubi in Mexico and promote the service to its massive audience via online and other platforms in return. Source: Tubi to Launch in Mexico With Strategic Partner TV Azteca

Netflix says it hasn’t seen a measurable impact from “Friends” leaving the platform. Source: Deadline > Netflix Executive Team Shrugs Off ‘Friends’ Exit: Impact Is “Nothing We Can See”

Synamedia announced that it has entered into an international strategic partnership with technology and supply chain service provider World Wide Technology (WWT). Source: Synamedia Unveils International Partnership with World Wide Technology

Syncbak has integrated adSync, the company’s dynamic ad insertion technology with MarketSync, their OTT syndication marketplace. Source: Syncbak To Debut Simplified OTT Syndication and Monetization Tools at NATPE 2020

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