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MC468175: Organizational messages for Windows 11 (public preview)

Organizational messages enable you to use Microsoft Intune to configure and send branded messages people in your organization. Help employees learn about your organization or ramp up for new roles. Notify people about important updates and trainings. Messages can be delivered just above the taskbar or in the Windows notifications area to keep users informed of important information—or in the Get Started app to support people onboarding to a new device.

MC468175: Organizational messages for Windows 11 (public preview)

When will this happen

The public preview starts today. You can configure organizational messages in the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center starting with the 2211 release of Microsoft Intune.

Message ID: MC468175
Published: 2022-11-18
Updated: 2022-11-18
Product: Intune, Microsoft 365 admin center, Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Windows
Platform: Windows Desktop, World tenant

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