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MC467247: New Teams Policy setting to control access to “Suggest a Feature” menu

We are adding a new parameter to the csTeamsFeedbackPolicy called EnableFeatureSuggestions which will allow Teams admins to hide/show the Help | Suggest a Feature menu.

MC467247: New Teams Policy setting to control access to "Suggest a Feature" menu

The value stored in the M365 policy “Allow the use of additional optional connected experiences in Office” will be copied into a new Teams policy parameter in csTeamsFeedbackPolicy called EnableFeatureSuggestions. If this value in M365 was never set in the past, then the new policy parameter EnableFeatureSuggestions will be set to True.

After that, the value of EnableFeatureSuggestions will be used to show/hide the Help | Suggest a Feature menu.

You can find more information about managing policies here: Read more about this in Manage feedback policies in Microsoft Teams webpage here (Manage feedback policies in Microsoft Teams)

When this will happen

This change will be rolled out for Desktop/Web by end of November 2022 and will allow IT Admins to enable/disable Suggest a Feature Menu for their tenants.

Message ID: MC467247
Published: 2022-11-15
Updated: 2022-11-15
Product: Teams
Platform: Web, Windows Desktop, World tenant

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