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MC458650: Plan for Change: App protection and configuration reporting updates

There are several upcoming changes to app protection and configuration reports to improve and simplify the reporting experience in Microsoft Intune. We will be updating the App protection status report and adding a new report, App configuration status. These reports will have robust filtering allowing you to achieve more slices of data while working from the same report.

MC458650: Plan for Change: App protection and configuration reporting updates

They will replace the following reports:

  • User report
  • App report
  • User configuration report
  • App configuration report

Additionally, we will be removing the following reports (located on the current App protection status report summary view):

  • Flagged users

Note: We recommend leveraging compliance reports to determine which devices/users do not meet your organization’s compliance policies, such as jailbroken or rooted devices. For more information, see documentation for Monitor results of your Intune Device compliance policies.

Users with potentially harmful apps

Review documentation for additional system security options.

These changes are expected no sooner than mid-to-late January 2023. At the time of this change or soon after, the corresponding Graph API’s will also be removed.

Message ID: MC458650
Published: 2022-11-08
Updated: 2022-11-08
Product: Graph API, Intune
Platform: Developer, World tenant

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