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MC455046: In-Country Data Residency – Final Migration Opt-in Opportunity

Updated November 17, 2022: We have determined that this message did not reach the intended audience. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused. We will publish a new message to the appropriate audience. You may safely disregard this message.

With the launch of the Microsoft 365 Advanced Data Residency add-on and associated changes to the legacy Move Program, we are providing a final opportunity for eligible commercial and public sector customers to receive a complimentary tenant migration into their local datacenter region. For a limited time, customers may only opt-in for complimentary migration from a Macro Region Geography into a Local Region Geography that matches your initial signup country.

MC455046: In-Country Data Residency – Final Migration Opt-in Opportunity

When this will happen

Opt-in will be available from early November through April 30, 2023.

Message ID: MC455046
Published: 2022-11-03
Updated: 2022-11-03
Product: Microsoft 365 suite
Platform: Mac, World tenant
Change type: New feature, Admin impact

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