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MC452234: Stories available for public preview in Yammer and Microsoft Viva Engage beginning early November

Beginning in early November, Yammer Network and Verified Admins will be able to opt into the public preview of stories for Microsoft Viva Engage and Yammer, via a toggle control in Yammer.

Stories build on the benefits of Storyline by allowing users to share short videos or photos that deliver a familiar, delightful way to catch up and stay connected with people you work with and interesting people across the organization. Create or upload a story on your storyline to share a quick update, capture an experience, express yourself, or amplify existing content.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 101514

Stories allow people and leaders to share updates, experiences, vision, and perspective on your storyline, using short videos or photos. Stories are a new way to express yourself authentically, and to reach and engage people in your organization across Viva Engage, Teams, Outlook, and Yammer.

MC452234: Stories available for public preview in Yammer and Microsoft Viva Engage beginning early November

When this will happen

Preview: We will begin rolling out public preview of storyline in early November 2022 and will complete in mid-November 2022.

How this will affect your organization

Your organization will not be impacted during public preview unless you have opted in. You must enable Storyline before you can enable Stories. Once you have opted in, Yammer users will see the stories experience on their Yammer/Viva Engage profile pages, the profile pages of other users, and home feed. When users share their story, anyone who is following that user will be notified of that new story. Notification preferences for stories follow the same preferences as storyline. Users can choose their personal notification preference for every person they follow, whether that preference be notification in Teams, Outlook, or not at all.

Users will also see stories on the new ‘Storylines’ page that gives users a quick look at the storyline posts and stories for the people they follow, as well as other relevant and trending storyline and stories content from across their organization.

Stories uses the same messaging infrastructure as does Yammer group messages, so you can use the same tools for monitoring and administering stories as you do for Yammer group messages. This means that stories messages are available through network export. In addition, stories messages are available through eDiscovery, for Yammer networks that are in native mode. Stories files are uploaded to the OneDrive of the user who uploaded the file.

What you need to do to prepare

Stories are most effective when the posting user has followers. We recommend encouraging users to follow both organizational and thought leaders to help ensure a broader reach for stories.

To enable stories, just like storyline go to the Yammer settings panel. Click on “Manage storyline”. After enabling storyline you can enable the Stories public preview toggle. Here you can also control the Stories setting for General Availability.

Message ID: MC452234
Published: 2022-10-28
Updated: 2022-10-28
Cloud instance(s): Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)
Platform(s): Android, iOS, Web, World tenant

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