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MC452213: New Viva admin experience in M365 Admin Center

The Viva collections experience now has a brand-new look where you can configure licenses, roles, and access individual app configuration pages. Admins will be able to deploy Viva from a common place within the Microsoft 365 admin center and find guidance on how best to configure their tenants.

Viva is now discoverable via search making it easier than ever to discover Viva apps within the Microsoft 365 admin center. Admins can also navigate to the experience via the setup tab, and then click on the Viva collection. From the new Viva suite setup page, you can see details about the Viva apps in your tenant, including plan type and the admins assigned with permissions to manage a specific app. Now it’s easier than ever to see who from your organization will help in the deployment journey for Viva

From the Viva suite page admins can navigate to an individual app page where they can follow a guided dashboard that helps admins set up and configure the first steps. Upon completing the steps in the guided dashboard, admins can let the app admin take over management of the app.

When admins feel the need to make any changes to their app setup page, they can return to the experience which provides the ability to edit your app’s configuration. Finally improved documentation and videos make it easy for anyone technical or nontechnical to set up and run Viva like a seasoned pro. This experience will begin rolling in a targeted release and arrive to all customers within the next couple months. Get started with the new experience here and learn how to configure your Viva experience.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 93435

The Viva collections experience, within the setup tab in Microsoft admin center, now has a brand-new look, with new functionality where Admins can configure licenses, roles, and individual module pages.

MC452213: New Viva admin experience in M365 Admin Center

When this will happen

Preview: We have started rolling this out and expect to complete by late November.

GA: This will begin rolling out late November and complete late December.

How this will affect your organization

There is no impact on users of Viva. Admins will be able to navigate to the Viva collection and see an improved experience to configure Viva within their tenant.

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Message ID: MC452213
Published: 2022-10-28
Updated: 2022-10-28
Cloud instance(s): Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)
Platform(s): Online, Web, World tenant

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