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MC450493: Fix related to frontline tailored apps experience (Planned)

Fix/Update to tailored apps for frontline workers, original MC Post ID: MC314288

In May of 2022 we rolled out the tailored apps for frontline worker feature to all tenants. This feature will pre-pin frontline worker apps such as Walkie-talkie, Tasks, Shifts, and Approvals by default for users with an F license and have the global default app setup policy. These apps are pinned on both mobile and desktop.

MC450493: Fix related to frontline tailored apps experience (Planned)

It has come to our attention that some tenants who had the feature turned on were not receiving the tailored app experience for their frontline workers. We have identified a fix and are sharing this communication for your awareness.

You are receiving this message because our reporting indicates you have at least one F license in your tenant.

Message ID: MC450493
Published: 2022-10-27
Updated: 2022-10-27
Action required by: 2022-11-28
Platform: Web, World tenant

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