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MC447991: Announcing Windows Update for Business reports

Update Compliance is being rebranded to Windows Update for Business reports, which was previously announced as Azure Workbooks for Update Compliance. With the general availability coming up in early November, current Update Compliance users are reminded of new eligibility requirements and the steps necessary to get ready for the upcoming improvements. Specifically, CommercialID is being replaced by Azure AD join. See how to get ready for general availability in the new blog post Announcing Windows Update for Business reports.

When will this happen

In the first half of November 2022, Windows Update for Business reports will launch and we will no longer accept new enrollments to the former Update Compliance solution (including the ability to regenerate or change your CommercialID). New eligibility requirements will be enforced in early 2023 and the old Update Compliance solution will be retired shortly thereafter. Public preview is already available.

Message ID: MC447991
Published: 2022-10-20
Updated: 2022-10-20
Platform: World tenant, Online

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