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MC445422: Important information about your Microsoft Dynamic 365 service

This message is to inform you that the Microsoft Dynamic 365 service is updating how User Management background jobs created within your environment will be processed.

MC445422: Important information about your Microsoft Dynamic 365 service


We will be performing maintenance activities to upgrade the infrastructure that processes User Management background jobs. These background jobs are responsible for syncing users from Azure Active Directory (AAD) to the Dataverse workload.

How does this affect me?

During this infrastructure upgrade window from Monday, October 17, 2022, to Monday, November 7, 2022, you may experience a minor delay while User Management background jobs are processed. Any delay should be processed within 12 hours.

Action Needed

This is an informational message, and no action is required at this time.
Please contact Microsoft support if you require additional assistance.

Message ID: MC445422
Published: 2022-10-13
Updated: 2022-10-13
Platform: World tenant

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