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MC445324: Announcing Managed Environments for Microsoft Power Platform

We are excited to announce that Managed Environments for Power Platform is now available in public clouds. Managed Environments offer a set of enhanced governance capabilities that will simplify, automate, and streamline IT administration of the Power Platform at scale.

MC445324: Announcing Managed Environments for Microsoft Power Platform

When will this happen?

The progressive rollout of the enhancements started today and will continue in the coming weeks. Depending on the home region of your tenant, you can use the newly announced capabilities starting right away!

How is this affecting your organization?

Admins will be able to use the latest industry-leading security, compliance, and governance capabilities for their low code solutions with Managed Environments. Below are the features that admins can leverage:

  • Easy activation of Managed Environments with just a few clicks and immediately get more visibility, more control, with less effort to manage all low code assets with a greater peace of mind.
  • Weekly admin digest that provides proactive adoption insights, such as apps and flows that have not been active for a while and may need to be cleaned up.
  • Easy-to-use sharing controls to limit how widely canvas apps can be shared. Admins can specify how many people an app can be shared with and block sharing with security groups if so desired.
  • Easily see the list of Data Policies that apply to the selected Managed Environment

When Managed Environments are activated in an environment, all users running apps or flows in that environment must have a standalone Power Apps or Power Automate license. New licensing reports are going to be released in preview in the next few weeks to allow admins to manage licenses in an efficient way. IT admins will have the visibility into which environments require license attention and what licenses are being used in environments that are managed.

Where can I learn more?

Our product documentation contains more details about Managed Environments benefits and how can you easily activate environments in your tenant to make use of these capabilities. You can also review the latest Microsoft Power Platform blog for more information.

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Message ID: MC445324
Published: 2022-10-12
Updated: 2022-10-14
Platform: World tenant

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