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MC442107: Microsoft Excel Online: Support for the Furigana (Phonetics) Feature

We’re happy to announce support for the furigana phonetics feature in Excel Online. We’ve now added support for the feature in Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Hong-Kong locales. Users are now able to view furigana in Excel Online.

MC442107: Microsoft Excel Online: Support for the Furigana (Phonetics) Feature

When this will happen

This feature is now available to users.

How this will affect your organization

When a user selects a range of cells, the furigana ribbon button will be available and will allow you to view existing furigana in cells and interact with them using the new ribbon commands. In addition, it will allow you to show or hide existing furigana and for Japanese it will allow you to choose the furigana type from several options (Hiragana, Katakana Half/Full). The phonetics button will show as disabled if there are no available phonetics in the selected range.

What you need to do to prepare

There is no action required from you at this time. We recommend updating any relevant training documentation as necessary.

Learn more

For more information, please visit this support article.

Please continue to send feedback to Microsoft in the Excel app about the new Furigana feature by visiting this page.

Message ID: MC442107
Published: 2022-10-04
Updated: 2022-10-04
Platform: Online, World tenant

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