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MC440660: New access point for Microsoft Intune Help and support

This week, Intune’s Help and support resource has a new access point in the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center to make it easier to troubleshoot or create a support case. Now, you are able to access support and perform topic-specific searches in context via the ? icon near your profile picture rather than being directed away from the current screen.

MC440660: New access point for Microsoft Intune Help and support

How this will affect your organization

The new access point allows admins the ability to view remediation steps and insights in a side-by-side Help and support pane, while making necessary changes in the admin center to resolve issues.

The Help and support option you know and regularly use will still be available in the Troubleshooting + support blade and other left hand navigation nodes, as well as being accessible through the ? icon.

What you need to do to prepare

Learn more about the new troubleshooting experience by reading Support tip: Changes to Help and support in Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Additional information

Message ID: MC440660
Published: 2022-09-29
Updated: 2022-09-29
Platform: World tenant, Online, Web

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