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MC403909: Prevent/Fix (Detected): Enable Conditional Access (CA) policy for Outlook Lite on Android

Updated August 30, 2022: We have updated the content below for clarity. Thank you for your patience.

The Microsoft Outlook team recently announced the upcoming general availability of Outlook Lite app for Android devices in August 2022. We wanted to inform customers using app protection policies (APP, also known as MAM) on their Android devices that Outlook Lite does not currently support APP/MAM.

MC403909: Prevent/Fix (Detected): Enable Conditional Access (CA) policy for Outlook Lite on Android

How this will affect your organization

To prevent Android users from accessing your organization’s resources through the Outlook Lite app, enable a CA policy for Office 365 apps. See Use app-based Conditional Access policies with Intune. If you have already restricted the allowed apps list using Require App Protection Policy, Outlook Lite will be disabled by default without any additional action.

User impact: Once you have enabled the CA policy, users attempting to sign-in to the Outlook Lite app with their organization’s email will receive an error message.

What you need to do to prepare

Update your documentation and notify your helpdesk as needed. We recommend creating an app-based CA policy with Grant access > Require app protection policy selected, to ensure only managed apps can access your organizations resources.

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Additional information

Message ID: MC403909
Published: 23 July 2022
Updated: 30 August 2022
Platform: Android, World tenant

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