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MC400973: OneDrive sync health reports now support macOS devices

The OneDrive sync health dashboard now supports macOS devices in addition to Windows devices. The dashboard provides both a high-level and detailed view of the health of OneDrive sync in your organization.

With the OneDrive sync client at version 22.087 or later, you can configure macOS devices to send sync data.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 81982.

New dashboard to check sync app versions, sync status, top sync errors on individual macOS devices and monitor deployment progress of Known Folder Move.

MC400973: OneDrive sync health reports now support macOS devices

When this will happen

This feature has been rolled out and is now available.

How this will affect your organization

Once you have configured sync clients to send diagnostic data, the preview dashboard allows you to view deployed OneDrive sync app versions, view errors on individual devices and in aggregate, and monitor the deployment progress of Known Folder Move for both macOS and Windows devices.

What you need to do to prepare

This feature only applies to admins who have opted in to Sync admin reports and have configured the OneDrive sync client to send health data.

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Message ID: MC400973
Published: 15 July 2022
Updated: 15 July 2022

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