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MC397429: Dynamics 365 – Service Update 22063 for GBR

We have a minor service update planned for your Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment in the GBR region.

  • Maintenance window start: 9 July 2022, 18:00 UTC
  • Maintenance window end: 10 July 2022, 03:00 UTC

MC397429: Dynamics 365 – Service Update 22063 for GBR

How does this affect me?

As part of this service update, the following feature areas may be affected:

The version number for your Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment will update to version 9.2.22063.00101 or higher after the background database operations complete.

Although there is no expected degradation to service performance or availability, this service update is planned outside of normal business hours to help minimize any potential impact to your environment.

During this maintenance window users may see short, intermittent impact such as transient SQL errors or a redirect to the login screen. If impact occurs outside of this maintenance window, please contact Microsoft Support.

For environments with users around the globe, we recognize that “outside of normal business hours” might affect you differently. We apologize for the impact this may have on your users. We are working hard to improve Microsoft Dynamics 365 and minimize the impact of these maintenance windows.

Repaired Functionality

The following list details issues whose resolutions repair items in Dynamics that are not functioning.


  • When viewing archived processes in the Sales Dashboard, the Talkback screen reader did not announce the control type for ‘Archived Processes’ control or the instructions for selecting the control.*
  • In the Sales Hub Dashboard, a portion of the “Check Access” control was not visible when using the maximum text font size on mobile devices.*
  • When page zoom was set to 200% and browser resolution was set at 320px * 256px, multiple scroll bars appeared, potentially obstructing content.
  • When creating a new customer contact in the Sales Hub, the text in the duplicate record pop up did not mean the required 3:1 color ratio.
  • The Talkback screen reader unnecessarily announced, “Button double tap to activate” when expanding the “More commands” button within the Field Service Mobile app.

Unified Interface

  • When using a tablet, the High Density Header in the Unified Interface displayed a duplicate back button.

What action do I need to take?

Communicate as appropriate with your Dynamics 365 Admin and users. Please contact support if you experience any issues.

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Message ID: MC397429
Published: 05 July 2022
Updated: 05 July 2022

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