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MC394843: Pin External Resources to Viva Topics Topic Pages

Topics contributors of Viva Topics will now be able to pin external resources to their topic pages. Previously, contributors could only link to sites and pages within SharePoint. The Viva Topics product team is aware that relevant topic content often lives outside of SharePoint and wants to bridge the gap between that knowledge and their Viva Topics. This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 93204.

Users will be able to add external links to the “pinned files and pages” section of the topic pages instead of only Microsoft resources. These external links will be viewable and clickable from topic pages, cards, and answers.

MC394843: Pin External Resources to Viva Topics Topic Pages

When this will happen

This update was tested in our Preview ring and will begin rollout in late June and will be rollout out completely by early July.

Message ID: MC394843
Published: 24 June 2022
Updated: 24 June 2022
Platform: Web, World tenant

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