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MC394824: New! Introducing the search highlights feature

We’ll be introducing the search highlights feature to Windows 11 over the next several weeks. The search highlights feature presents notable and interesting moments of what’s special about each day, —like holidays, anniversaries, and other educational moments in time both globally and in your region. To see search highlights, click or tap on the search icon on your taskbar.

MC394824: New! Introducing the search highlights feature

For enterprise customers, search highlights will also feature the latest updates from your organization and suggest people, files, and more.

For group configuration information, see Group configuration: search highlights in Windows.

When will this happen

Search highlights will roll out to Windows 11 customers over the next several weeks. We are taking a phased and measured approach. Broad availability will occur in the coming months.

Message ID: MC394824
Published: 24 June 2022
Updated: 24 June 2022
Check before: 08 July 2022
Platform: Windows Desktop, World tenant

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