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MC362899: Turned-Off Basic Authentication – RPC, MAPI, OAB and EWS (Outlook All Up)

We are making some changes to improve the security of your tenant. We announced in 2019 we would be retiring Basic Authentication for legacy protocols and in early 2021 we announced we would begin to retire Basic Authentication for protocols not being used in tenants. You can always read the latest information about our plans to turn off Basic Authentication here.

MC362899: Turned-Off Basic Authentication – RPC, MAPI, OAB and EWS (Outlook All Up)

Today we turned off Basic Authentication for Outlook in your tenant. Based on our telemetry, no-one is currently using Basic Authentication with Outlook in your tenant and so we expect there to be no impact to you.

We have previously communicated this change via Message Center: MC191153 on 9/20/19, MC204828 on 2/26/20, MC208814 on 4/6/2020 and MC23771 on 2/4/2021, and most recently in the Basic Authentication – Outlook Message Center post sent approximately 30 days ago.

How this will affect your organization

Users in your tenant will be unable to access their Exchange Online mailbox using Basic Authentication and Outlook.

What you need to do to prepare

This is for your awareness only. You have the ability to re-enable specific protocols for the time being – read more here.

Message ID: MC362899
Published: 22 April 2022
Updated: 22 April 2022

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