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MC353143: Announcing Microsoft Endpoint Manager remote help

Remote help is now generally available, and you can get started from the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center. This secure, cloud-based remote assistance tool provides trusted helpdesk-to-user connection. The solution includes enterprise grade capabilities to enable IT administrators, helpdesk associates, and Windows users to resolve technical issues in real-time on enrolled and unenrolled devices. This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 88504.

Enable a secure helpdesk to user connection with permission based remote assistance.

MC353143: Announcing Microsoft Endpoint Manager remote help

When this will happen

We expect the Endpoint Manager admin center experience will be fully rolled out by April 5. The preview remote help app will be updated for general availability in the coming days.

Follow @intunesuppteam on Twitter for any release updates. Remote help is not available for customers in the Microsoft Intune Government Community Cloud (High) or Department of Defense environments.

How this will affect your organization

Remote help is not on by default. Once you enable remote help, it includes:

  • Role-based access control (RBAC) and permissions to define who is authorized to support which user or groups of users.
  • Elevation to allow helpdesk associates to use local administrative privileges and troubleshoot an employee’s device remotely.
  • Compliance warnings to help protect the organization from security risks; alerts are displayed to the helpdesk associate if a device is out of compliance and may introduce a security risk to the organization.
  • Reporting to identify recurring issues and potentially suspicious activity.

A new Premium add-on centralized experience is now available in the Endpoint Manager admin center that lists remote help as an available premium add-on.

What you need to do to prepare

Remote help is available to organizations who are licensed for Microsoft Intune and obtain a trial or add-on per license for each user. You can read more about remote help in the links below. To learn more, start a trial or add the required licenses to your account, administrators can start by going to the centralized experience in Endpoint Manager.

The remote help app is available for an MSI download. Visit to get the latest version and watch for changes to the FAQ at for the availability of the version for general availability.

Additional Information

Message ID: MC353143
Published: 05 April 2022
Updated: 05 April 2022

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