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MC350774: Microsoft Defender for Office 365: Email

Updated April 04, 2022: We have identified that this was not sent to the intended audience. We will be publishing a new message to the appropriate audience. We apologize for any confustion.

We’re updating the chart view, list view and filter options to clarify email delivery latency and latency due to detonation of the attachments / URLs (for those items that are subject to Safe Attachments and Safe Links policies). This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 93213.

we are making some enhancements to the existing Mail latency report in Defender for Office 365. The chart and filter options will be updated for more clarity.

MC350774: Microsoft Defender for Office 365: Email

When this will happen

We will begin rolling this out in early May and expect to complete rollout mid-June

How this will affect your organization

The Mail latency report shows you an aggregate view of the mail delivery and detonation latency within your organization. As part of this enhancement, we’re updating the chart view, list view and filter options.

Chart view

The existing report is represented in a stacked bar chart, with Mail delivery and Detonations on top of each other. The updated chart shows these values in a grouped bar chart with Mail delivery and Detonations values next to each other.

Note: We’ve changed the terminology from ‘Mail delivery’ latency to ‘Overall’ latency to better reflect the meaning.

Chart view

List view

The list view now shows a single row for all the percentiles (50th, 90th and 99th). Earlier each percentile was shown in a single row.

Filter Options

The existing report has the following filter options ‘All email’, ‘Messages that contain attachments or URLS’ and ‘Detonated email’.

These options are enhanced to give more clarity in the new report. The new options are ‘All email’ and ‘Detonated email’. The ‘Detonated email’ has two options: ‘Inline detonation’ and ‘Asynchronous detonation’. These options help show the impact on latency due to respective configurations of Safe Attachments and Safe Links policies.

Filter Options

What you need to do to prepare

You might want to update your documentation as appropriate.

Learn more

Message ID: MC350774
Published: 01 April 2022
Updated: 04 April 2022

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