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MC346255: Create DocuSign requests using the compose extension

DocuSign users will now be able to create a request within a Chat or a Channel using the compose extension. An adaptive card will display the request details once the request has been created and will be updated with the progress of the request at it is signed by the recipients.

Notifications will be displayed to recipients & creators when a DocuSign request is created, signed/declined, cancelled, deleted or completed enabling users to know what’s happening with a request when it happens.

MC346255: Create DocuSign requests using the compose extension

Effected Workload

  • Microsoft Teams

When this will happen

We expect this to begin rolling out in early April and be completed by mid-April.

How this will affect your organization

DocuSign is enabled by default for all tenants. This release should not affect any previously configured settings.

What you need to do to prepare

There is nothing you need to do to prepare. You may want to update your documentation as needed.

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Message ID: MC346255
Published: 24 March 2022
Updated: 24 March 2022
Plan For Change
#FeatureUpdate #UserImpact #AdminImpact #Teams #DocuSign
Major change: False

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