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MC333614: Power BI: Emissions Impact Dashboard for Microsoft 365 (preview)

The Emissions Impact Dashboard for Microsoft 365 is a Power BI template app that allows Microsoft 365 admins to measure the greenhouse gas emissions associated with their organization’s usage of Microsoft 365 applications. The dashboard is now available in preview and includes emissions associated with Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Teams.

Note: There is a separate Power BI app available to track Azure emissions. You can install this app via this page on AppSource.

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MC333614: Power BI: Emissions Impact Dashboard for Microsoft 365 (preview)

When this will happen

The app is now publicly available to install.

How this will affect your organization

Any Power BI Pro user in your organization can install the Power BI app from the app marketplace if they choose to do so, but the dashboard will render demo data until a connection is established with your Microsoft 365 tenant, which requires Microsoft 365 admin permissions.

  • To connect the template to your organization’s emissions data, users must have an appropriate Microsoft 365 admin role (including Global admin, Exchange admin, Skype for Business admin, SharePoint admin, Global reader, or Report reader) and go through an authentication process. Otherwise there is no impact to end users.

What you need to do to prepare

Read our blog [Measure your cloud carbon footprint with the Emissions Impact Dashboard for Microsoft 365 (Preview)] on the Microsoft 365 Tech Community and our technical documentation [Connect to the Emissions Impact Dashboard for Microsoft 365 (Preview)] to learn more about how to install and interpret the dashboard. In addition, if you are an Azure customer we advise installing and exploring the existing Emissions Impact Dashboard Power BI app template for Azure cloud services emissions.

Message ID: MC333614
Published: 16 February 2022
Updated: 16 February 2022
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