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MC321232: Plan for Change: iOS/iPadOS notifications will require upcoming March Company Portal update

Updated March 15, 2022: Microsoft have updated the rollout timeline below. Thank you for your patience.

We will be making service side updates to iOS/iPadOS notifications in Intune’s May (2205) service release which will require users to have updated to at least the March version of the iOS/iPadOS Company Portal.

How this will affect your organization

If you are using a functionality that could generate push notifications, you will want to ensure your users update the iOS/iPadOS Company Portal.

There is no additional change in functionality.

Scenarios that send push notifications to the Company Portal and would prompt users to update the Company Portal if they are on an unsupported version include:

User impact: If users do not update the Company Portal app to version 5.2203.0 prior to May (2205) service release, they will not receive messages sent by your organization and will instead receive a notification telling them to update their app. Once they update their app, they will see the message sent by your organization in the Notifications section in the app.

What you need to do to prepare

The Company Portal update will be released prior to the service change, so most users will likely have updated the app and will not be impacted. However, you may want to notify users of this change to ensure all users continue to receive push notifications sent by your organization. Additional information Update the Company Portal app.

Message ID: MC321232
Plan for Change



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