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MC306102: Create and manage verticals in Microsoft Search

This update will allow Microsoft Search administrators to create and modify out-of-the-box and custom search verticals in Microsoft Search. This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 85657.

New support for custom verticals in Microsoft Search allows you to customize out of the box verticals for Microsoft Search and add new verticals based on SharePoint content.

MC306102: Create and manage verticals in Microsoft Search

When this will happen

We will begin rolling this out in late December and expect to complete rollout late January 2022.

How this will affect your organization

You will be able to modify search verticals (tabs on top of search result page) and add new verticals with SharePoint content for your tenant search page.

These new customization capabilities will be available in the Search & intelligence admin center under the Customizations tab.

What you need to do to prepare

You might want to notify your users about this new capability and update your training and documentation as appropriate.

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Message ID: MC306102
Published: 17 December 2021
Updated: 17 December 2021
#NewFeature #UserImpact #Search #Office #SharePoint
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