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MC301708: Quick Create and Rules for Libraries

We are excited to announce that we are bringing the data visualization and task automation capabilities – previously only available for list data – to document libraries. This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap IDs 88706, 88716, and 88710.

SharePoint: Automatically build visualization of library metadata with Power BI

Enables customers to visualize the metadata in a document library in a Power BI report. They can also save that report so that future visitors to the document library can view it.

SharePoint: Quick chart webpart for doc libraries

Enables customers to create charts in the quick chart webpart leveraging metadata in a SharePoint document library.

SharePoint: Rules engine for alerts

We’re also adding a no-code rules engine to drive content alerts. Based on the rules wizard in Microsoft Lists, alerts use a simple, no-code wizard to send updates when documents are added or deleted, or when someone edits metadata.

MC301708: Quick Create and Rules for Libraries

When this will happen

We will begin rolling this out in early January 2022 and expect to complete rollout late January 2022.

How this will affect your organization

Power BI Quick Create – library users will see a new menu option in Integrate > Power BI > Visualize this library, which allows users to create a new Power BI report using that library data. Once a report is saved and published, it will appear in the same submenu under Integrate > Power BI. Users with a Microsoft 365 E5 license or Power BI Pro license will have access to the full report authoring and viewing experience.

  • Users without either of the above licenses may sign up for a 60-day free trial of Power BI Pro in order to access the feature.

Note: Users with a Power BI free license may only visualize their list data, but cannot publish nor view reports.

Quick chart part for document library: Library users will be able to use the Quick chart webpart to add simple, basic charts to your page. Enter your data points or get data from a list or library, add labels, pick your chart type — column or pie — and publish.

Use the Quick Chart web part.

Notification rules: Library users will see a new menu option in Automate > Rules > Create a rule, which allows users to create rules to automate tasks such as sending someone a notification when a new file is created or a column value changes in the library.

What you need to do to prepare

The Power BI Quick Create feature is on by default, but you can turn it off from ;the Power BI Admin Portal under Tenant settings. If this feature is disabled for tenants, users will continue to see the Power BI submenu in the List command bar, but any attempt to create or view a report will land in an error page.

You might want to notify your users about these new capabilities in doc libraries and update your training and documentation as appropriate.

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Message ID: MC301708
Published: 04 December 2021
Updated: 04 December 2021
Effective: 24 January 2022
#NewFeature #UserImpact #AdminImpact #SharePoint
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