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MC298031: Meeting Activities in Teams Audit Log

This update to the Microsoft Teams audit log adds Meeting Activities to further help organizations effectively respond to security events, forensic investigations, internal investigations, and compliance obligations.

MC298031: Meeting Activities in Teams Audit Log

When this will happen

This feature is available now.

How this will affect your organization

This feature update allows admins to view TeamsMeeting Activities in the Microsoft 365 Audit Log and better investigate specific activities across Microsoft 365 services.

Meeting Activities logs:

  • MeetingDetail:Information about Teams meetings including the start time, end time, and URL to join the meeting.
  • MeetingParticipantDetail:Information about the participants of a meeting, including the user ID of each participant, the time each participant joined the meeting, and the time each participant left the meeting.

What you need to do to prepare

Visit Microsoft 365 Audit Logs to see and begin using the newMeeting Activitieslogs.

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Message ID: MC298031
Published: 13 November 2021
Updated: 13 November 2021
#AdminImpact #Teams
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