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MC296601: Manager insights in Microsoft Viva Insights app, Outlook, and

This month, Viva insights is releasing expanded insights for managers and team leads. Viva Insights features for managers and team leads will be available to users with a Microsoft Viva Insights license. These new insights expand the value of Viva insights to managers and team leads who have at least one direct report. Viva insights stores a team definition that is built upon your org data from AAD. This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 85622.

To empower managers to foster productivity and wellbeing for teams – large or small – new insights and tools are being introduced in the “My team” tab of the Microsoft Viva Insights app in Teams, as well as in manager cards in the daily briefing and monthly digest emails from Microsoft Viva. These will help managers explore and improve their personal habits and team culture. Further, a new Viva Insights team home page will be discoverable at

MC296601: Manager insights in Microsoft Viva Insights app, Outlook and

When this will happen

Targeted release in early November and rolling out to Standard release starting mid November.

How this will affect your organization

The following changes will be reflected in MyAnalytics in the coming month

  • The Leadership tab in MyAnalytics, currently available as in Targeted Release, is being replaced by a Viva insights Team experience on the web. Starting in Nov, 2021, users with a Viva Insights license will be able to access the Viva Insights team experience at as well as via the Microsoft 365 app launcher on Users will have access to the Leadership page in MyAnalytics until January 31st, 2022, after which the URL for this page will start redirecting users with a Viva Insights license to the new experience on
  • Catch up with your team card in the Viva Insights add-in for Outlook, currently available to all users with a MyAnalytics service plan, will require a Viva Insights license starting on Jan 31st, 2022.

New features (in the coming month)

Viva Insights team home page

  • The team home page provides managers and team leads insights on their relationships with team members that can help boost team productivity, wellbeing, and engagement.

My team tab updates:

  • Viva Insights will release a major update to the My team tab. This tab is currently available to users via the Viva Insights Teams App. The update consolidates all of our Manager insights into a single canvas.

Manager briefing card:

  • For eligible users, a “Catch up with Your Team” card will begin to appear in the daily briefing email from Microsoft Viva.

Manager digest email:

  • The monthly digest email from Microsoft Viva- which currently helps users to reflect on their work patterns across focus, wellbeing, network, and collaboration.

What you need to do to prepare

  • Inform current users of the leadership page in MyAnalytics and Catch up with your team card in the Viva Insights add-in for Outlook of the upcoming changes. Existing users will require a Microsoft Viva Insights license after Jan 31, 2022 to continue to access manager and leader insights on the web and in the Viva Insights add-in for Outlook.
  • Inform users with the Viva Insights license of the new insights that will be available in the My team tab in the Viva Insights Teams app as well as the new Viva Insights homepage.
  • Enable easier access to the Viva insights teams app for your users by pinning the app on the left navigation pane of Teams user interface for quicker discovery of the My team tab.
  • Create a custom-app permission policy and assign it to select users and ensure the app is not blocked in Teams admin center.
  • If you wish to disable the Viva Insights app, for the whole organization or select users, you will be able to do so through Teams Admin center.
  • Review and assess the impact for your organization. Additionally, you might consider updating your training and documentation as appropriate. Learn more about Microsoft Viva Insights, MyAnalytics, Briefing email, and how Microsoft protects your privacy.

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Message ID: MC296601
Published: 05 November 2021
Updated: 05 November 2021
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