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MC296195: Upcoming API Retirements in Exchange Web Services for Exchange Online

Today we are announcing the retirement of support for the 25 least used APIs of EWS for Exchange Online (as determined by the call volume into the service).

We are retiring support for these APIs as we begin the process of reducing the surface area of the EWS protocol for maintenance and security purposes.

In the coming months we will send Message Center posts to tenants we can see are using these low volume APIs.

Over the last few years, we have invested heavily in Microsoft Graph to enable developers to access the rich data available in Microsoft 365. Microsoft Graph, along with OAuth 2.0, provides increased security and seamless integration with other Microsoft cloud services.

MC296195: Upcoming API Retirements in Exchange Web Services for Exchange Online

Key points

  • Timing: Late March, 2022
  • Action: We strongly urge you and our ecosystem partners that access Exchange Online data to migrate to Microsoft Graph APIs.

How this will affect your organization

These APIs will no longer be supported and we will introduce sunset headers in the response for these APIs that are marked for retirement. These APIs will continue to function until they are fully retired, in the future, but will no longer be supported or updated.

Note: Retirement of support for these APIs is the first in a series of steps we will take as we sunset EWS for Exchange Online. Over time, we will identify additional APIs for retirement when and where we see adequate parity with Microsoft Graph APIs.

The list of APIs that will be retired is available here.

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Message ID: MC296195
Published: 03 November 2021
Updated: 04 March 2022
Action required by: 31 March 2022
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