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MC296194: Teams Question & Answer (Q&A) Q&A in Public Preview

The Q&A app for Teams meetings and webinars is now available for public preview. By including Q&A in any Teams Meeting or Webinar, event organizers add the ability for attendees to have a focused, structured conversation where they can ask questions and engage in the discussion with the rich social Q&A features that they know and love. This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 84027.

Question & Answer (Q&A) application for Teams webinars & meetings. By adding this application to any Teams Webinars or Meetings, users will be able to create either moderated or unmoderated Q&A experience.

MC296194: Teams Question & Answer (Q&A) Q&A in Public Preview

When this will happen

Now available in Public Preview (November 2021)

How this will affect your organization

Teams Event organizers can add the Q&A app in Teams meetings and webinars if Teams Apps are enabled in the Microsoft 365 tenant.

What you need to do to prepare

Review the Q&A setup and admin documentation, and share with your organization for your next large Teams Meeting or Webinar.

Provide feedback on your experience with Q&A and the features you’d like to see us include.

Learn more

Message ID: MC296194
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