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MC295855: Scheduler Recurring Meetings

Ask your virtual assistant to schedule dynamic recurring meetings using natural language.

Right within Outlook, customers will be able to email their virtual assistant and request to schedule meetings at a frequency of their choosing.

Scheduler’s dynamic recurring meetings are meant to work around the user’s busy schedule. Traditional recurring meetings in Outlook have fixed schedules that occur at the same time. Recurring meetings scheduled by Scheduler behave differently. To keep your future calendar open and minimize potential conflicts with attendees, Scheduler will schedule the next instance of a recurring meeting series just in time based on current calendar availability. This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 85636.

Exchange: Scheduler now supports recurring meetings

Ask your digital assistant to set up recurring meetings in natural language when using the Scheduler service.

MC295855: Scheduler Recurring Meetings

As an example, asking Cortana to “Schedule 30 minutes of focus time every day” will initially create the first 30 minute instance for the next available date on your calendar. Once the appointed time has passed, Scheduler will then book another instance on the following date. If the original time slot is not currently available, then Scheduler will simply adjust the scheduled time based on your availability.

Some common scenarios:

  • “Cortana, please schedule 30 minutes of focus time for me every day.”
  • “Cortana, please find 45 minutes for a 1:1 with me and Anne every 2 weeks.”
  • “Cortana, please schedule a monthly team meeting for 1 hour.”

When this will happen

This feature update will be available as of November 2, 2021.

How this will affect your organization

Once this feature is available, subscribers can ask their virtual assistant to schedule recurrent meetings. The virtual assistant will schedule following meetings once the “current” one is finished, saving users’ time.

What you need to do to prepare

There is no action you will need to take, this new feature will be automatically available to fulfill the user’s request for recurring meeting via natural language.

Message ID: MC295855
Published: 02 November 2021
Updated: 02 November 2021
#FeatureUpdate #UserImpact
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