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MC293777: We’re making changes to promoted results in Microsoft Search

In order to improve the Microsoft Search experience, promoted results will no longer be supported in Microsoft Search for Organization level scoped searches and will be replaced by the Bookmarks and Q&A features.

MC293777: We’re making changes to promoted results in Microsoft Search

Note: Promoted results will continue to be supported for hub and site level scopes.

When this will happen

This change will occur in mid-November and conclude in mid-December for Standard Release tenants.

How this will affect your organization

Promoted results will no longer trigger in Microsoft Search for SharePoint Home or when this change is implemented.

What you need to do to prepare

Microsoft Search provides an alternative to promoted results using either Bookmark or Q&A answers.

If your organization set up Promoted Results in SharePoint, you can import the Promoted Results into Microsoft Search and make the imported content available to your users. This is an easy way to quickly populate search results as soon as you set up Microsoft Search and make it more effective for your users. We recommend using promoted results from SharePoint as a reference to understand how to name and create relevant search results.

Microsoft Search allows a search administrator to import promoted results as Bookmarks. To import promoted results, in the Microsoft 365 admin center, open the Search & intelligence admin center and then select Answers. In the Answers dialog, select Bookmarks and choose Import SharePoint results to import promoted results from SharePoint.

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Message ID: MC293777
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Published: 26 October 2021
Updated: 26 October 2021
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