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MC289416: Yammer: Official Communities

Official communities are designated communities to ask questions and get answers, to connect and learn from others. When communities are marked as official, they create legitimacy and build trust over the conversations and content shared. The interactions in official communities set the example within your organization’s network. Network admins designate the official communities in your organization. Network admins will have the ability to designate the official communities in your organization.

MC289416: Yammer: Official Communities

Affected Workloads

  • Yammer Enterprise

When this will happen

We expect this rollout to begin in early October and we expect the rollout to be completed by late October.

How this will affect your organization

  • Users: Will be able to see groups that have been marked as official
  • Network Admin: Will be able to mark groups with the official community badge

What you need to do to prepare

To take advantage of this feature, network managers will need to:

  • Get a baseline for determining what groups will be marked as official
  • Determine official community guidelines
  • Publish a request an official community form for community admins to fill if they’ll like their group marked as official
  • Determine the official community review process
  • Evaluate ongoing official community engagement
  • Get the word out

Message ID: MC289416
Published: 05 October 2021
Updated: 05 October 2021

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