MC286339: Yammer Topics APIs changes with Viva Topics

Yammer is integrating with and adopting Viva Topics to make community-sourced knowledge easily accessible across an organization and support a consistent experience in Microsoft 365. This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 72184.

Display topic highlights and access topic cards in Yammer conversations.

MC286339: Yammer Topics APIs changes with Viva Topics

Affected Workloads

  • Yammer Enterprise

NOTE: If your organization is not using the Yammer API, you may disregard the below message.

When this will happen

We expect this rollout is to begin in early January 2022 and expect the rollout to be completed by late January 2022.

How this will affect your organization

To adopt Viva Topics, the following modifications are being made to the Yammer API.

  • Change the type and value of Topic IDs
  • Allow applying topics to Yammer messages by ID only (not by name)
  • Introduce a new CSV in Yammer Data Export

What you need to do to prepare

If you use the Yammer API, review the Yammer Topic API changes blog to understand upcoming changes and how you might adapt.

Message ID: MC286339
Published: 20 September 2021
Updated: 20 September 2021