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MC273378: Enforcement of Licenses on Teams Phones

Microsoft is making some changes and have implemented enforcement of licenses on Teams Phones in the latest software update (Teams app version: 1449/ This means that if you are signed into Teams phone with an account licensed with Common Area Phone (CAP) license, Microsoft will enforce the sign in mode to be common area phone sign in.

MC273378: Enforcement of Licenses on Teams Phones

When this will happen

This is available for download and and for you to update the Teams app on devices.

How this will affect your organization

If you were previously setting sign in mode to be user sign in for accounts with Common Area Phone license, this will automatically default to common area phone sign in mode.

What you need to do to prepare

When this change takes effect, if you need call history, speed dial, People app and other features, you’ll need to assign the correct license required for these features.

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Message ID: MC273378
Effective: July 27, 2021

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