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MC252053: The New Exchange Admin Center (EAC) General Availability

The new Exchange Admin Center (EAC) is a modern and performant admin portal. This new portal has most of the functionality available in the classic EAC portal along with a lot of new features like tenant-to-tenant migration, automated G-Suite migration, and more. It also features a personalized dashboard with reports and insights that are designed to increase productivity. This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 80626.

MC252053: The New Exchange Admin Center (EAC) General Availability

Affected Workloads

  • Exchange Online

When this will happen

  • Standard release and GCC available in late April.
  • GCC High available at the end of May.
  • DoD available at the end of August (previously end of June).

How this will affect your organization

There is no impact to users. Tenant admins will find the new experience available at

What you need to do to prepare

Admins do not need to do anything to prepare. EAC will default to the new experience, and admins have a toggle they can use to revert back to the classic EAC experience if needed.

Message ID: MC252053
Published: 22 April 2021
Updated: 01 July 2021



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