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Updated on 2022-12-22: Mozilla to launch Mastodon instance

The Mozilla Foundation announced plans to launch its own Mastodon server instance next year in early 2023. Read more: Mozilla to explore healthy social media alternative

Updated on 2022-12-21: Mastodon job

Joyent and Mozilla technologist Mark Mayo wants to hire a developer for the next three months to improve the authentication mechanism used by the Mastodon open-source project.

Updated on 2022-12-16: Free speech for me, but not for thee

Super-sensitive crybaby Twitter CEO Elon Musk has banned a Twitter account that tracked the movements of his private jet. The ban comes after Musk previously promised not to take action against the account. The account has since moved to Mastodon, and then Mastodon’s Twitter account got suspended as well. Musk also suspended the accounts of NYT, WaPo, and CNN journalists covering his businesses. Things are getting very petty, very fast. Read more: Elon Musk Bans, Un-Bans, and Bans Again the Twitter Account That Tracked His Private Jet [Updated]

Free speech for me, but not for thee

Updated on 2022-12-13: Vivaldi gets Mastodon support

Vivaldi browser version 5.6, released last week, now comes with a Mastodon widget. Read more: Vivaldi integrates Mastodon in its desktop browser.

Updated on 2022-11-18: How to follow infosec topics and figures on Mastodon

Dragos’ Lesley Carhart has a simple tip on how to follow Mastodon users via RSS.

Default format is: [server]/users/[username].rss

Example (for Lesley’s feed):

Another example (for my feed):

Updated on 2022-11-13: Infosec’s Mastodon has turned out to be the favorite Mastodon instance to where most security researchers have migrated to. As a result of the sudden influx of thousands of new accounts, the team behind the servers is looking for moderators and support staff. Donations are also currently needed and encouraged. More info about the instance can be found on its wiki.

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