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Marketo Email Cheatsheet

Statistic data from Marketo‘s email marketing infographic. By far, brands still prefer to communicate via email. In a recent survey, 77% of consumers said they prefer to receive permission-based marketing communications through email. Further, all age groups named email as their preferred source for communication. Below is some interesting data on taking your email strategy to the next level.

Strategy is the key to reaping email marketing results. Top email performers – those seeing the best results from their email campaigns – spend more time on strategy than their counterparts.

Historically, the subject line has been the most tested element in marketing emails; however, many other elements also contribute to your email’s success.

Determining the best time of day to send is vital to your email’s success. Traditionally, marketers have assumed that sending emails during peak open-rate hours is the best option. Schedule your emails earlier or later in the day, so your recipients will be more likely to open them during work hours. Once you choose a time to send, stick with it for consistency.

75% of smartphone owners say they are highly likely to delete emails they can’t read on their phones. Don’t let yours end up in the trash. Make sure your emails are mobile-friendly!

Your email campaign’s overall success is determined by the perceived value you deliver in each email. That’s why understanding the importance of each aspect of its creation – from subject line to send time – is key to maximizing your effectiveness.

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