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Marketing 3.0: The Rise of Purpose-Driven Social Brands

Today’s customer activists are well-informed, media-savvy and mobile. Here’s why you must become a purpose-driven, social brand to build your reputation, employee productivity, customer sales and social impact.

Consumer Expectations
– 87% of global consumers believe that business needs to place at least equal weight on society’s interests as on business’ interests.
– 80% of global consumers think it is important for companies to make them aware of their effrots to address societal issues.
– Only 6% believe the singular purpose of business is to make money for shareholders.
– 76% think it’s ok for brands to support good cause and make money at the same time.
– Only 20% of brands worldwide are seen to meaningfully and positively impact people’s lives.

Consumer Activism
– 90 % would boycott if they learned of a company’s irresponsible business practices, and more than 55% have done so in the past 12 months.
– 54% of consumers don’t trust brands.
– 27% believe consumers themselves can have a significant positive impact through their purchases.
– 71% would help a brand promote their products or services if there is a good cause behind them.
– 62% say they use social media to address or engage with companies around CSR.

Employee Expectations
– 54% say their company’s purpose is not clearly conveyed to all employees.
– 81% consider CSR when deciding where to work.
– 68% do not think businesses do enough to install a sense of meaningful purpose in their work culture.

The Bottom Line
– 47% of global consumers buy brands that support a good cause at least monthly.
– The meaningful brands index outperforms the stock market by 120%.
– 53% would not invest in a company that does not actively support a good cause.
– 91% of global consumers would switch brands if a different brand of similar price and quality supported a good cause.

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