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How to Market a Business on Facebook

There are 1.8 billion reasons why Facebook is an unmissable opportunity for your business – you can reach new people, grow your business and engage with your customers on a more personal level than ever before!

No Facebook page ever got anywhere without great content. Using trial and error (as well as Facebook insights) identity what your audience like – do they prefer fun photos, useful links, or informative articles?

Communicate consistently, be authentic, be passionate and have fun!

Buy Ads and Promote Posts
Facebook ads and promoted posts allow you to reach a huge audience, and they’re so flexible that they fit into basically any budget.

You can even target your promotions to ensure you reach your ideal audience. This is useful for promoting great content you’ve created, or any promotions you may be running.

Custom Tabs
You can run contests and sweepstakes, promote your products, or even hide an offer or discount code which is revealed when the user clicks ‘Likes’.

Tabs – The little buttons that sit underneath your cover picture – can be customized for number of purposes.

Companies such as Grosocial offer you a range of easy-to-use tools to build this sort of stuff.

Let’s say you have 100 Likes; but one of your major partners or customers has 10,000. By utilizing this partnership, you could spread the world about your page, promotion or giveaway to a much greater audience, free of charge.

You can even run co- branded competitions to ensure you both benefit!

That’s why giveaways are really useful in growing your following, as people have a bona fide reason to click ‘Like’. It’s also incredibly good for your brand to be seen rewarding your fans.

You can choose from a variety of different contest types, from sweepstakes to photocontests, but make sure you stick to Facebook’s strict promotion guidelines.

Reply to People
Facebook is all about engagement and communication. So it’s important to show you care by replying to every message you receive. Even if you’re being criticized, it’s vital that you’re seen to publicly respond and deal with it!

Social Plug-ins and QR Codes
“Build it and they will come”… is definitely not a phrase that applies to Facebook Marketing. Many businesses struggle to grow their following simply because their fans don’t know they’re on it.

Build social plugins into your website, and use QR codes on your print media so they know where to find you!

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