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Major Browser and OS Hacked During Pwn2Own Hacking Competition 2015

The Annual Pwn2Own Hacking Competition 2015 sponsored by HP’s Zero Day Initiative program held in Vancouver, Canada is over and participants from all over the world nabbed $557,500 in bug bounties for 21 critical bugs in top four web browsers as well as Windows OS, Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash.

The latest version of all the four major browsers including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari, were compromised by the two security researchers.

Some highlights for Pwn2Own Hacking Competition 2015 as below:

  • 5 bugs in the Windows operating system
  • 4 bugs in Internet Explorer 11
  • 3 bugs in Mozilla Firefox
  • 3 bugs in Adobe Reader
  • 3 bugs in Adobe Flash
  • 2 bugs in Apple Safari
  • 1 bug in Google Chrome
  • $557,500 USD bounty paid out to researchers

Source: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE – All Browsers Hacked at Pwn2Own Competition – Hacker News

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