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LockBit ransomware builder leaks online

Updated on 2022-09-29: LockBit leak yielding results

Security researchers have spotted a new version of the Bloody ransomware that has been built on the recently-leaked LockBit ransomware builder. More here.


Updated on 2022-09-28: Leaked Lockbit builder is in use

The Bl00dy ransomware group has become the first reported group that used the Lockbit 3.0 builder, which was leaked last week. It came to light after hackers used a new encryptor against a Ukrainian organization. It took a while for researchers to identify the ransomware involved in the attack as initial characteristics resembled Conti or LockBit.

Updated on 2022-09-27

The recently formed Bl00Dy ransomware group was found using the leaked builder for LockBit 3.0 in its attacks in the wild. Previously, the group had used leaked builders for Babuk and Conti. Read more: Bl00dy ransomware gang started using leaked LockBit 3.0 builder in attacks

Updated on 2022-09-23: LockBit ransomware builder leaks online

The builder for the LockBit 3.0 ransomware strain was leaked online and has been widely shared over the past few days. The builder leak was initially advertised as a hack of the LockBit ransomware gang servers, but the leak was later also attributed to an intentional leak by one of LockBit’s former programmers in a gesture of revenge against their former employer.

As was the case of other core ransomware tools that leaked in the past, such as the Babuk and Conti source code, security experts now expect that numerous low-level threat actors will adopt the highly advanced LockBit builder for their own operations going forward. A technical analysis of the LockBit builder is also available here, and the builder itself is available on GitHub.



An angry developer leaked the builder for LockBit Black (version 3.0) on Twitter. The builder enables anyone to rapidly build the executables necessary for launching a ransomware operation. Read more: LockBit ransomware builder leaked online by “angry developer”

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