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Life in Online, How To Choose Your Path

Gambling is a natural part of Norwegians’ social life. From casino games to horse races, everything can be adrenaline-boosted with bets. Gambling is a very regulated activity, as the only legal casinos, bookmaking, and machines are state-owned. It’s a concern that dates back to 1902.

Life in Online, How To Choose Your Path

Life in Online, How To Choose Your Path.

The Norwegian Penal Code stated that a license was necessary for hosting betting games. Gambling and betting became then not only a governmental business but also a governmental monopoly.

There are two state-run associations responsible for all legal gambling in Norway, the Norsk Tipping, and the Nork Rikstoto. Norwegian’s have so many options available that there are even betting sider for better betting. Chris Haagensen is often the man to look for if you want to find your way through the maze of options and sports betting regulations.

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Casinos in Norway
Most Popular Sports for Betting

Casinos in Norway

Online casinos fall under the same rules as land-based casinos. It means there can’t be foreign companies offering gambling in Norway. All the profit won on a foreign casino should be declared at home. The Norwegian government doesn’t allow foreign companies to run online gambling.

Slot machines were also targeted by the government and were outlawed in 2007, later replaced by state-allowed video machines. In 2010, to crack down on “not licensed” online gaming, a law stated that bets could only be in Kroner. This prohibition was unsuccessful in keeping Norwegians from gambling abroad. It is hard to curb the usage of VPNs, foreign bank accounts, or even cryptocurrencies.

Despite all legal efforts, online gambling has spiked among Norwegians. Norsk Tipping’s monopoly is continuously challenged by the growing number of players betting abroad. Recent studies show that around 50% of Norwegians online players bet on unlicensed gambling sites abroad.

They also prohibited sports betting in Norway, but since 1992, Norsk Tipping has monopolized this branch. Norsk Tipping oversees sports betting in any sports event. They also check slot machines and other gambling devices, and the lottery. Norsk Rikstoto oversees horse races.

In theory, casino games can only operate if licensed by Norsk Tipping. No license for a land-based casino has ever been granted in Norway. There are some online options, though, all provided by Norsk Tipping.

This lack of land-based casinos may have somehow propelled the success of sports betting. Notice that casino gambling and sports betting are different. In casinos, the house must have an edge, a percentage of profit; otherwise, it’s unsustainable. There isn’t such a limitation in sports betting.

Most of the bets go to football matches and horse races. Handball and winter games are also top-rated. If you’re one who lives your life in sports, you can have fairly educated guesses on the matches’ outcomes. You can also keep checking on specialized websites, the latest sports news, and best odds.


Norway’s strict limitations to gambling and betting aim to protect its citizens from scams and addiction. New video slot machines have mechanisms to prevent compulsive behavior so that you won’t waste your life in betting, for instance. With online betting, the same rules apply, although there are ways to work around them.

A law prohibited any transactions between Norwegian banks and foreign gambling sites in 2008. This law couldn’t prevent the use of cryptocurrencies or foreign bank accounts. A survey run by Norsk Tipping at the time showed that around 4% of players around the age of 18 were betting abroad.

Such regulations didn’t prevent Norwegians from betting abroad. Anyway, those regulations also helped curb frauds and white-collar crimes alike. They prevented betting from becoming a destructive force in society.

Now that you know the Norwegian gambling rules and scene, you also understand that Norwegians are all about fairness and temperance when it comes to betting. Why not give it a go then? Norsk Tipping’s website is an excellent place to check your options.

Have fun!

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