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Konni malware

Updated on 2022-11-22

Chinese security firm Anheng Hunting Labs has published a report on recent operations of the Konni North Korean APT, attacks that targeted entities in Eastern Europe and Northeast Asia throughout 2022. Read more: 全面复盘:2022年Konni组织针对东欧和东北亚地区的攻击活动分析

Updated on 2022-10-24

South Korean security firm ESTsecurity analyzed a malicious Android app they linked to Konni, a North Korean APT. Read more: Trojan.Android.AgentNK 

Overview: Konni targets Russia

Limen’s Black Lotus Labs have published a report on a recent spear-phishing campaign targeting Russian targets that they linked to Konni, a North Korea-based espionage group. The group previously targeted Russian government agencies earlier this year.

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