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Killer Social Media Strategy for Start-ups and Small Businesses

The power of Social Media:

  • 92% of Marketers said Social Media is important to their Businesses.
  • 97% of Marketers are using some form of Social Media Marketing.
  • 74% of Adult Internet Users Utilize Social Media.
  • 64% of Sales Teams who use Social Media Reach their Sales Quotas.
  • 55% of all Buyers use Social Networking to Research a Product.
  • 61% of B2B Marketers use Social Media Networks to Build Leads.
  • 31% of Overall Traffic to Websites is Driven by the Top 8 Social Networking.
  • At the Beginning of 2016, there ware 4.2 Billion Active Monthly Social Media Users on the Top 8 Media Networks.

12 Simple Steps for an Effective Social Media strategy

  1. Define Target Audience: Age, Gender, Location, Income and Education. Use Alexa and Google Adwords for research.
  2. Research Buyers Persona: Use for Persona Creation.
  3. Research Influencers: Use BuzzSumo for research.
  4. Identify Social Media Platforms used by Buyer Persona: Use BuzzSumo and Ahrefs for research.
  5. Look at Competitor’s Preferred Social Platforms: Use BuzzSumo and Ahrefs for research.
  6. Produce Content that addresses Buyers Persona Pain Points: Use Quora and Forums for research.
  7. Create a Content Bank: Blog Posts, Videos, Pictures, Infographics and Quick Tips.
  8. Engage and Build Relationships
  9. Maintain a Consistent Content Publishing Cycle
  10. Invest on Getting More Social Followers; Share Expert’s Content
  11. Automate Social Sharing with Tools like Buffer an Hootsuite
  12. Evaluate Your Results and Improve Your Strategy.

Source: Social Media Marketo

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