JDE Cloud 9 will be Introduced At Oracle OpenWorld 2014

JDE Cloud 9 will be introduced later this month at Oracle OpenWorld 2014 in San Francisco. The service is a joint offering of Secure-24, a leading provider of enterprise cloud computing and managed hosting, and GSI, a JD Edwards full-service application, development and technology company.

JDE Cloud 9 offers enterprises the lowest barrier to entry for leveraging this critical application in a high performance cloud environment for just pennies on the dollar compared to traditional purchased solutions. The application and cloud infrastructure combination enables companies to scale their environment based on fluctuating or growing business needs. Organizations can also gain total support ownership through a single hardware and software vendor by utilizing Oracle RedStack.

“With JDE Cloud 9, you get a JD Edwards system running on the most advanced hardware available that includes complete managed care… in as little as 24 hours,” said Kevin R. Herrig, president and CEO of GSI. “JD Edwards ROI and Time to Benefit have officially been changed forever.”

JDE Cloud 9 is backed by Secure-24 and GSI’s extensive expertise in managing critical applications for global businesses. The service leverages readily available infrastructure to provide rapid application deployment due to reduced lead times for equipment set up and server provisioning. Secure-24 and GSI also offer in-memory processing solutions and application performance tuning accelerators for improvements in real-time transaction processing. The service allows customers to maintain their current licensing agreements with Oracle while reducing their total cost of ownership and time to deployment.

“JDE Cloud 9 is backed by Secure-24’s state-of-the-art data centers located throughout the United States and our engineers available 24/7 for comprehensive support,” said Mike Jennings, CEO, Secure-24. “This solution provides speed, cost efficiency and performance ­­– the optimum synergy to enable businesses to leverage JD Edwards.”

Source: New “JDE Cloud 9” Solution to be Introduced by Secure-24 & GSI at Oracle OpenWorld 2014

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