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IT Managed Services Provider Resource Recommendation Update on August 27, 2020

What does Data Transfer Project (DTP) mean?
Data Transfer Project (DTP) is an initiative to facilitate customer-controlled data transfers between two online services. The project is a collaborative effort run by Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

Today, if a business or individual wants to move content from one online platform to another, they have to download and save content from the first platform and then upload it to the second platform.

Once an online provider belongs to the Data Transfer Project, however, the end-user can authenticate data transfers with one click. It’s expected that in most cases, transfer approvals will be branded and managed by the receiving provider.

The Data Transfer Project is still young and its future depends on the project’s ability to successfully build a network of participants. New providers can join the DTP using the set of interfaces described in the Provider Integration Guide on GitHub.

What does Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) mean?
Network functions virtualization (NFV) increases and improves network function as well as managing networks. It does so by transforming the way architect networks deliver network services. This is an architectural and creatively designed procedure that chains together different classes of network nodes and creates a form of communication or makes particular information available to users.

Network functions virtualization can be used effectively to decouple network services. It can be used as an alternative for load balancers, routers, and firewalls. The network proprietors do not have to buy dedicated hardware devices in order to carry out their work or create a service chain or group at any point. Operating expenses can be reduced considerably as a result of network functions virtualization and work can be performed conveniently and with fewer operating troubles.

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