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IT Managed Services Provider Resource Recommendation Update on August 24, 2020

What does Virtualization Health Chart mean?
A virtualization health chart is a data visualization construct that monitors and helps administrators stay on top of virtualized environments, from the hardware hosts and networking, down to the virtual machines themselves. The charts show the health of all the elements in the virtualization environment in real time, allowing for preemptive action or quick response if problems do occur.

Virtualization health charts are one aspect to a virtualization monitoring system or platform. They bring an additional level of data visualization to the complex process of resource allocation and management of virtualization assets. Knowing which portions of the virtualization environment need optimization or additional resources is the single most important way of keeping the environment healthy and running optimally.

The health charts allow administrators to monitor which portions of the system are heavily used and which are not, so they can effectively transfer resources. The health charts take metrics such as CPU, memory, and storage usage and present them visually in a way that is easy for a human operator to understand.

In general, virtualization health charts assist operators in the challenging process of continuous monitoring of virtual machines and their environment after they have been deployed, with the aim of keeping them running with optimal performance.

What does Graph Database mean?
A graph database, also referred to as a semantic database, is a software application designed to store, query and modify network graphs. A network graph is a visual construct that consists of nodes and edges. Each node represents an entity (such as a person) and each edge represents a connection or relationship between two nodes.

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